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          EWF along with its partners developed the first International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System

          PORTO SALVO, Portugal, 28-Nov-2019 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ — Additive Manufacturing is entering fast into the mainstream since most industries, if not all, are bound to benefit from its nearly endless possibilities of customization and on-demand production. It is already redefining many industries, and it has the potential to disrupt traditional business models and value chains, providing companies willing to fully embrace this technology with a significant competitive advantage. One of the reasons that its growth has not been as fast as anticipated is the lack of qualified professionals capable of dealing and operating in Additive Manufacturing. Essentially, the shift in existing job definitions and the emergence of new skill sets require continuous up/reskilling to meet the needs of an economy that is increasingly blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. That is why EWF has, along with its network of partners, developed the first?International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System?to support the fast adoption of this new market.

          This new qualification system relies on EWF’s expertise in the development of advanced harmonized qualifications that are broadly used and recognized. These qualifications, as with all other developed by EWF, are a result of the cooperative work between the federation and experts representing both industry and education (e.g. training centres, universities, and research organisations), that agreed on the technical and pedagogical structure of the qualifications needed for current and future professionals in metal additive manufacturing. The collaboration with organizations supported by several European projects, ensures that a crucial fast track adoption of this first European/International Qualification System for Additive Manufacturing personnel is made possible.

          EWF currently offers Qualifications in Metal AM, three at the Operator level and three at Engineering level. And they have been gathering momentum, with the International harmonised qualifications for professionals in additive manufacturing already recognized in 33 European countries.?The first countries offering these qualifications are Italy, Germany, France, UK and Spain, and the first course for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) operator started this year in Italy, with the first diplomas already awarded.

          SOURCE: EuropaWire

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          New York Fire Extinguisher Service

          New York, NY, 2019-Nov-07 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ —?If you are searching for a local Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales Company providing the complete New York Metropolitan region from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island, Suffolk and Nassau County New York with the highest quality of fire extinguisher inspection, repair and installations across the region. As a licensed and experienced fire protection company we provide many business owners and consumers with fire life safety products. Partnering with Ansul, Buckeye, and Kidde, New York Fire Extinguisher Service is dedicated to serve the New York area with prompt and honest service.

          The licensed New York company –?NY Fire Extinguisher Service?– is experienced enough to not just offer not just fire extinguisher equipment but complete restaurant fire prevention and ventilation solutions for the metropolitan region of NYC.

          “We maintain many portable fire extinguisher and automatic fire extinguishing systems and will notify you so they never fall out of service as they must be maintained and be ready to fight any fire that arises”

          NY Fire Extinguisher Service, is available for free quotes. So give them a call 877-687-0006, or email them at nyfireextinguisherservice@gmail.com for further information.

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          New Online Deck Designer Wowing Pontoon Boat Owners Nationwide

          New Paris, Indiana, United States, 2019-Oct-15 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ —?Veada Industries recent relaunch of the company’s website focused on Boat Seats and Boating Accessories included the introduction of Veada’s all new, Pontoon Boat Deck Designer application tool.

          The drag and drop designer application allows users to customize their pontoon boat deck with over 20 different pieces in a variety of seating sizes, shapes, features, and color options. A Veada representative said, “We’re already getting positive reviews on the boat seat Deck Designer tool. It gives boat owners the ability to customize the planner to their boat’s length, width and door arrangement, then easily drag and drop the individual pieces to the deck. They can then can rotate and position each piece to visualize how everything will look and fit before they buy.”

          The company collaborated closely with their web developers at Precept Partners in redesigning the website and creating the Deck Designer software. Precept manager, Stephen Antisdel said, “We paid particular attention to making the Deck Designer tool both intuitive and fun to use, with instant pricing calculations as each piece is added to the user’s virtual boat deck.”

          Veada’s redesigned website also features a wide variety of helpful information on installing boat seats, boat seat cleaning, and a marine upholstery guide in the FAQ section, along with fishing boat seats, helm boat seats, seat pedestals, boat cup holders, marine vinyl upholstery, tent and camper coverings, plus payment options that includes Free Shipping offerings and Free Fabric Samples.

          The company also offers free marine vinyl samples sent on request. A summary of applications and helpful tools for all boat owners:


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          ASI Drives: Mark 600 – Heavy Duty Fully Enclosed Transaxle

          MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA, USA, 10-Oct-2019 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ — ASI Drives introduces the next generation of heavy-duty, fully enclosed transaxles with their Mark 600, set to markedly transform both indoor and outdoor material handling. An evolution of the industry-standard Mark 400, the company designed the new transaxle as a high-performance replacement for applications typically requiring internal combustion engines. The Mark 600 is part of ASI’s Viking Transaxle product line.

          “The Mark 600 is possible thanks to recent improvements in battery and electronics technology,” explains?John Cross, ASI Drives’ President and CTO. “When combined with our transaxle technology,” he goes on, “these improvements allowed us to develop a new transaxle capable of replacing the internal combustion engine in the outdoor material handling market.” Other markets include outdoor power equipment and floor care.

          High-torque and High-speed Configurations

          With a large 70 mm mount, the Mark 600 produces up to 270 Nm of torque at 60 RPM under high load in high-torque configurations. Under typical load, high-speed configurations produce 60 Nm of torque at 119 RPM. This makes it suitable for many applications, from motorized wheelbarrows, plane tuggers and trailer movers to personal scooters, large floor-cleaning machines and more.

          The Benefits of Thoughtful Design and Engineering

          Distinguishing features of the Mark 600 include: single-piece casting for precision gear alignment and quieter operation; bolt-on tube extensions for multiple widths without retooling; high-strength bevel gear differentials; available robust permanent magnet DC motors; easily replaceable motors and brushes; service intervals exceeding 2,000 hours.

          Highly Customizable Feature Set

          ASI can configure the Mark 600 to meet the demands of a variety of applications. Reduction ratios range from 24:1 to 36:1. Standard widths range from 237 mm to 596 mm, with custom widths available. Motor options include permanent magnet DC 4-pole and brushless AC and DC motors, available in 122 mm and up to 152 mm diameters, respectively. Voltages range from 12 V to 48 V DC. Axles can be hubs or custom.

          To learn more about the about the Mark 600, visit?asidrives.com/Mark600. To learn about other solutions by ASI, visit?asidrives.com/offerings?or call 215-661-1002.

          SOURCE: EuropaWire

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          Wood and Laminate Flooring Market To Witness an Excellent Growth by Exploitation in 2017 to 2026

          San Jose, CA, United States, 2019-Sep-06 — /EPR INDUSTRIAL NEWS/ —?Floorings are a key amenity for homes, and their presence enhances the natural appearance of physical spaces. Floorings made of wood and laminates are becoming sought-after for providing a traditional look at affordable prices. This report, compiled by XploreMR, provides in-depth analysis of the global wood and laminate floorings market for the forecast period 2017-2026, offering key insights on the growth prospects of the market.